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String analysis

If you're not sure which string to choose, don't worry. We analyze different strings in depth, to show you the pros and cons and help you choose the right string for you. See below an analysis of our two most popular strings, Head Lynx Yellow 1.25 mm and MSV Hepta Twist 1.25 mm. On the left, the properties of the strings are shown in a radar diagram and on the right in a bar diagram. After your stringing, we will send you a free analysis of your strings and its properties.

Characteristics (Radar)

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 11.58.34.png

Characteristics (Column)

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 11.59.29.png

Comparison table

Screenshot 2023-10-24 at 12.15.31.png


To summarize, the two strings are relatively similar where they differ in a few different categories. Both are multifilament strings, with the Head Lynx being a round co-poly and the Hepta Twist being heptagonal (sick) and twisted. The fact that MSV Hepta Twist is versatile means that it is more spin-friendly. Head Lynx has an average playing time of 6-8h while Hepta Twist has one of 8-12h. The Head Lynx has a higher comfort level and the same level of elasticity as the Hepta Twist, where the Hepta Twist has more spin, control, power and tension maintenance. The MSV Hepta Twist thus tops the Head Lynx in most categories.

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