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Purchase our grommet replacement and grip enlargement service below. Contact us through our contact information below to book an appointment for the services.

Broschyr - Racketservice

More about our service

Rackets are expensive, and we strongly believe that it is more sustainable to extend the life of your racquets as much as possible instead of buying new ones. Having been part of the sport ourselves, we know that junior players outgrow their gear. With that in mind, we offer the various services below to contribute to the goal of extending the use of tennis racks for a longer period of time.

1.  Increase the static weight of the junior racket (10-13 years) and go from 270g to 290g Racket instead of buying a new heavier racket outright.

2. Professionally increase the grip size of a tennis racket without having to buy a new one.

3. The racquet's grommet strips wear down for those players who play frequently, this results in changes in the racquet's balance and swing weight. It can also lead to the strings being struck more often. We have grommets for most tennis racket models and can easily replace them to make your rack feel like new.

4. Most players tend to change only the outer winding but they ignore the base, the foundation winding. It also wears out over time and needs to be changed regularly to maintain its feel and the purpose it is meant to serve.

5. If part of your grommet is cracked or split, it can cause the string to rub against the frame, increasing the risk of the string snapping faster. Our experts can fix this by professionally tubing the one grommet that is torn, saving you from having to replace the entire grommet strip.

The table below shows the prices of our racket services. You can order the service either through our website or we will invoice you afterwards and you can pay using the different methods we offer. Purchase our grip enlargement and grommet replacement services below.

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