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Who is Restring?

Restring is a racquet-sports specialist, focusing on professional level racket stringing and customization for tennis- and padel rackets. Restring offers world-class stringing from experienced and trained stringers, along with science-based racket customization and racket matching, in order to improve your game. 


Restring’s stringers are all experienced, members of ERSA-International (European Racket Stringing Association) and certified stringers trained by experienced grand-slam stringers. Head stringer is Sahil Patel, certified ERSA Professional Stringer. Restring is a brand owned by SMP Group Sweden AB.


There are a large number of string brands on the market, with each brand having several series of strings. These vary in material, shape, thickness and color. There are also different racket types for different ages, playing styles, surfaces and string tensions. Having the right racket, string and tension can help you prevent injuries and improve your performance.


Restring has knowledgeable and experienced experts who are passionate about the sport and are professionally trained by the ERSA International. Feel free to contact us at or DM on social media, and we will provide you with expert advice on the right racket, tension and string setup for your game. Follow Restring on social media to not miss any new posts, see information about social media below.

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