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Babolat Pro Tacky 3-Pack bobbins

Babolat Pro Tacky 3-Pack bobbins


The new and improved version of the popular Pro Tour grip is designed to take your playing experience to the next level. With a slightly thicker design than the standard wrap, this wrap provides proper comfort, while effectively absorbing sweat and providing a perfect grip.


Pro Tour 2.0 has undergone several upgrades to make it the ultimate companion for your hands


1. Increased Sweat Absorption: The increased sweat absorption keeps your hand dry and comfortable during the most intense matches. You can focus on your game without worrying about losing your grip.


2. Improved Grip: The new and improved sticky surface provides a superior grip compared to previous versions. This allows you to control your racket with precision and ease, which is vital to your performance on the court.


So if you are looking for a grip that combines comfort, sweat absorption and an unmatched grip, you have found the right one, take your padel or tennis experience to the next level with this upgraded grip from Babolat


Color: White


Delivered in 3-packs.

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