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Isospeed Professional Speed 1.20 mm 17 Gauge

Isospeed Professional Speed 1.20 mm 17 Gauge


Isospeed Professional combines the playing feel of a natural gut string with the most modern technology.

The Austrian manufacturer Isospeed specializes in combining the advantages of natural gut and synthetic strings. The result has won many supporters through all levels of play. The secret of the arm-friendly Professional lies in the free movement of the polypropylene fibers in the middle of the string and the welded outer covering. This not only guarantees stable playing characteristics but also for excellent arm friendliness. The factory biasing procedure makes string tension stable and durable

Get to know the comfortable and efficient gaming experience of Isospeed Professional!


- Particularly arm-friendly string
- Recreated natural intestinal string structure
- Minimal loss of tension due to factory stretching
- Extremely durable
- Optimal damping

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