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Silvester Poly-Twist 1.25mm 16L Gauge

Silvester Poly-Twist 1.25mm 16L Gauge

149,00 krPrice

String Name: Poly-Twist: The name says it all – Poly-Twist! This string is designed to twist and spin the ball like never before. Whether you're hitting topspin forehands or creating delicate drop shots, the Poly-Twist String provides the grip you need to keep your opponents guessing and outmaneuvered.

1.25mm diameter for precision: With a 1.25mm diameter, this string achieves the perfect balance between control and power. You'll enjoy increased ball response, making it easier to place your shots with precision, while maintaining the ability to hit a shot when needed.

Heptagonal & Twisted Design: Silvester Poly-Twist String has a unique combination of a heptagonal shape and a twisted structure. This innovation is designed to maximize your spin potential. The twisted surface grips the ball intensely, allowing you to generate incredible spin, causing your shots to dive and curve with unmatched finesse.




Unparalleled Spin Control: The Silvester Poly-Twist String scores a remarkable 4/5 in the spin department. Say goodbye to flat, predictable images. With this string you will be able to put a sensational amount of spin on the ball, making it a formidable weapon in your tennis arsenal.

Precision Control: Achieve precise accuracy and control with a 3/5 rating. The Poly-Twist String allows you to land your shots exactly where you want them, whether you're aiming for the lines or targeting the corners, giving you a significant advantage over your opponents.

Balanced Power: While not the most powerful string, rated 3/5, the Poly-Twist string still gives you the pop you need to keep your shots effective. You will have the confidence to strike with authority and maintain a perfect balance between power and control.


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