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XTP Extended End Cap

XTP Extended End Cap


The XTP Extended Length Butt Cap is the latest in adapting your racket to a longer length, regardless of brand.


The standard length of most rackets is 27 inches, but many of the professional players have stretched rackets, making the length of their rackets 27.5 inches. Some of the racket manufacturers offer stretch versions of their rackets:


Head - MXG7
Wilson - Pro Staff Six.One Stretch Plus, Team 105XL and Hyper Five.Three
Prince - Graphite long body
Yonex - Pro RD
Babolat - Max Drive and Aero 112


The main advantages of longer rackets include more power to serves and increased range.

You can also increase the length of your racket now by simply removing the existing end cap and installing the XTP.


Heat Fit Installation Instructions (Use this method only if the XTP end cap does not slide easily onto the end of your racket).

- Buy the right size XTP end cap.
- Remove or clean any excess material to expose the bare racket shaft. Then remove the original end cap.
- Use a double power heat gun on the low setting at least 6 inches from the end cap for 5-10 seconds per the four main sides.
- Add a flexible silicone adhesive or rubber cement to the inside of the end cap.
- Put the XTP end cap on and let cool for 10 minutes.
- For additional help, see XTP video instructions YouTube heat fitting installation video.

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