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About Racket Customization

A racket is an extension of your arm and because of this to perform at the highest level, professional players have their rackets customized to very precise specifications down to the nearest millimeter and gram in order to suit their playing styles and needs. Racquet customization is a meticulous job and is accomplished by adding weight (lead tape or silicone) placed at different points of the frame or handle. It involves experts identifying where to add weight to get the desired effects, knowing that each racquet is slightly different. It is time consuming and requires custom made measuring devices as such the service is mostly only available to professional players. 


At Restring, we strongly believe that this service should not be limited to the professional players. Our mission is to extend customization services to all types of club, junior and tournament level elite players. Through strategic collaborations, investments in a precise next generation digital tuning machine and using sophisticated software our experts can now easily offer customization services to all players regardless of your level of play. 


We are proud to offer two types of customization services for all types of rackets Tennis, Padel, Pickleball, Squash and Badminton with the end goal to make sure that players are comfortable with their equipment. 


  1. Racket Matching 

  2. Tuning services.


Customization service with us is simple. If you are a member of one of our affiliated tennis clubs all you need to do contact us, see our contact info below. Our experts are available to answer any questions and we've also put together an FAQ page (see our main menu).

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