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Contact us for a quote.

See the prices and packages below for our racket tuning. Contact us for a quote for Complex Racket Adaptation. Prices include racket tuning only, customers then have the option to match their other rackets to the tuned racket, through our racket matching service.

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Static weight



Swing weight


Twist weight

Broschyr - Rackettuning

For a perfect tuned racket we can also customize the racket in accordance to finding the right balance between the MRGI Index and Recoil weight. One of our experts are available for providing advice on this special service and we also recommend you to read our FAQ pages with regards to these concepts.

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The Restring-Metortune machine, for next-level racket tuning.

Why racket tuning?

Why should I tune my rackets? See in the table below the most common problems and challenges in tennis, and how they can be solved with the help of racket tuning. See which challenges correspond to adjusting each characteristic.

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