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Buy our Restring-Metortune machine

Buy our Restring Metortune machine below at an exclusive price. A machine that offers precise digital measurement of swing weight, swing weight, balance and static weight. Our device uses sophisticated software to calculate the optimal positions to add weight, to take your game to the next level.

  • At Restring and Metorlab, our mission is to deliver unmatched racket tuning and matching, with precision and unmatched speed.

  • Introducing our comprehensive, hassle-free solution - Restring Metortune.

  • Restring-Metortune's all-inclusive package is designed to streamline the tuning process, helping you save time and money effortlessly.

  • Our innovative technology enables you to offer your customers a next level of racket tuning, including swing weight tuning.

  • Whether it's tennis, badminton, padel or pickleball rackets (optional), the Restring-Metortune is your go-to device for unmatched precision and ease of use.

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