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Why stringing?

Do you feel like the ball is no longer going where you want it to and that you have less control over your shots? Or have your strings ever snapped in the middle of a score? It's probably because your strings are loose and worn out. Your racket is the most important piece of equipment in your tennis, and it is therefore very important to maintain it by regular stringing. The strings on your tennis rack lose tension with each passing second, where the strings can feel "dead" after only 10-15 hours of play. Your strings may feel dead after they lose about 20% of their original tension. That's when the risk is greatest that you'll hit them and that you'll get arm and shoulder injuries. See our strings, clip cards, subscriptions and explanations below.


Imagine if you could customize the next car you buy by selecting the engine. You wouldn't just pick any old engine to put in your dream car would you? You'll want to do some research first and find out which engine best suits your needs. Not necessarily just the cheapest engine. So you wouldn't spend thousands on your next racket and when it comes time to pick out your strings, just pick any strings?


The strings are the engine of your racket and are estimated to contribute 50% of your performance along with the other 50% from your racket. The strings are therefore vital to how a racket plays and performs. It's the only thing that actually makes contact with the ball. We therefore help you find the right strings for your game, and offer you world-class stringing. Tennis strings are sold in sets (usually 12 meters and enough for one string) and in rolls of 100 or 200 meters.

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Det finns ett stort antal strängmärken ute på marknaden. Varje märke har flera serier av strängar att erbjuda och dessa varierar med olika konstruktionsmaterial, former, tjockleksmått och färger. För att göra saker ännu mer komplicerade, varierar rekommenderad rackettyp, sträng och strängspänning baserat på externa faktorer som spelarens ålder, spelstil, och banans underlag som grus, gräs eller hardcourt. Allt detta gör det extremt förvirrande för spelare.

Att ha rätt racket, sträng och strängspänning för din ålder och spelstil kan hjälpa dig att både förebygga skador och samtidigt förbättra din prestation.

På Restring har vi erfarna experter, professionellt utbildade på ERSA International som brinner för sporten. Kontakta oss gärna så ger vi expertråd om rätt racket, spänning och stränguppsättning.

Professionell utrustning

Vi använder professionella verktyg och utrustningar, för att kunna erbjuda strängning och anpassning på elitnivå. Vi använder strängningsmaskinen Wilson Baiardo Lite, en av de mest kända strängningsmaskinerna som används av toursträngare. För vår racketanpassning använder vi vår Restring-Metortune maskin, som erbjuder en exakt av specifikationerna på dina racketar. Med enhetens sofistikerade programvara kan vi beräkna de optimala positionerna för att lägga till vikt på ditt rack, för att ta ditt spel till nästa nivå.

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Our stringing process

At Restring, we follow a strict process for all customers to ensure that every stringing job is consistent and of the highest quality. The process consists of the following steps:

1. Inspect the strings to see where they broke, and inspect the frame for any cracks. It gives us a picture of the player's playing style, how they hit the ball and how the strings fit the player.

2. Cut the strings in a way that reduces the load on the frame.

3. Mount the rack on the stringing machine, in a way that minimizes damage to the frame.

4. String the mains strings first, i.e. the vertical ones.

5. Then string the cross strings, that is, the horizontal strings.

6. Straighten the strings during the process, with minimal friction loss.

7. Tie the knots in a professional manner, to minimize damage to the frame and loss of friction and tension.

8. Finally, we measure the dynamic tension of your strings, to measure the quality of the stringing, see current string tension and see string tension loss.

All our customers receive a personal report on their strings and tensions. See below our stringing process.

1. Inspecting the strings and frame


2. Cutting the strings


4. Stringing the mains strings


7. Straightening the strings


2. Rengöra racket


3. Mounting the racket


6. Tiyng the knots


8. Measuring string tension

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